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Do you treat each of your customers differently?

Do you treat each of your customers differently? For businesses looking to increase sales and customer retention, one key element to improving response rates is data-driven, highly personalized, full-color printed direct mail campaigns that target products with pinpoint precision. Today, marketing is a billion-dollar-a-year industry that constitutes an ever growing segment of the economy. The best way to increase sales and customer retention is by understanding that the real value is in the “connection” born from a conversation rather than a broadcast ... Read more

Meet The Team – Tony

Meet Tony – he is our Director of Operations and has been working for CFS for 4 years. His daily routine includes working with existing clients to establish and maintain relationships and develop new clients from prospects and different marketing efforts. If you'd like to learn more about Tony, watch the video below! Click here if you’d like to connect with Tony on LinkedIn. Stay tuned for more Meet the Team! Read the transcript below: What advice would you give someone going into your field? I ... Read more

Marketing your company message with Newsletters!

We have many things we can consider when deciding how to market our company and get our message in front of our clients and prospects, but one of the best ways is with a newsletter.  A simple but effective tool that not only keeps your existing clients informed and entertained but also provides your prospects the opportunity to see who you are and what you do while building credibility. Many businesses seem to avoid newsletters as a marketing tool or as a ... Read more