Mail Drives Mobile Engagement

Mail Drives Mobile Engagement

A couple of years ago, I had a friend tell me those “funny square bar codes” popping up were a fad and would quickly disappear. She was referring to QR codes, and they are not only sticking around but becoming more prominent as mobile phone use continues to increase. QR codes, GURLs, and PURLs could be considered the lynch pins holding multi-channel marketing together. Therefore, as marketers, we are always thinking about how we can incorporate mobile technology into our campaigns.

Simply put, QR codes direct recipients to a web page when they scan the “funny square bar code” using a QR reader on their smartphone. Although they can land on any generic web page you direct them to (GURL), more than likely you’ll want them to land where they can easily take the desired action. Personalized URLs (PURL) will bridge the gap and increase the probability that they take action such as making a purchase, completing a survey, registering for an event, etc.

If you’ve been thinking about incorporating mobile technology into a mail piece, now is the time to look into the USPS “Mail Drives Mobile Engagement” promotion. As stated on the USPS website, “The Mail Drives Mobile Engagement Promotion provides business mailers with an upfront postage discount on Standard Mail letters and flats that include a mobile barcode or print/mobile technology that can be read or scanned by a mobile device and leads to mobile-optimized shopping website”.

Does this sound overwhelming? Not sure if your promotion qualifies? Give us a call and we will:

• Work with our USPS Business Alliance Manager to ensure your campaign meets the program requirements and answer any questions you may have about the program

• If qualified, provide you with the mobile barcode required for the Mobile Engagement Promotion

• Set you up with our Graphic Designer to create and print a mail piece that gets results while meeting all USPS specifications

• Source your mail list (if you need one) or address correctly and sort your existing list to gain the optimal postal discounts

• Process your mailing on our ink-jetting equipment and deliver it to the USPS facility

• Work with you to measure the success of your campaign

Click here to contact us today; registration for this promotion begins on May 15, 2015.

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