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4 Tips for Building a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Direct Mail Marketing includes the use of many different forms of printed marketing materials including postcards, catalogs, brochures, and newsletters. These are then mailed directly to potential clients in order to introduce your business, boost interest, and ultimately, increase sales. Although sometimes viewed as old-fashioned, many prefer this tried and true method of marketing. With that said, many businesses do not understand just how much goes into building an effective direct mail campaign. Here are 4 tips for building a successful campaign. Understand ... Read more

Check out our cool fulfillment video!

Are you looking for a unique fulfillment solution? Fulfillment comes in an array of shapes and sizes - some are obvious, some are not. Here is our second example of that. Our client was looking for an efficient way to build and ship retail displays for a national wide campaign. That's when they turned to CFS. Click the 2 minute video below to see how CFS helped them improve their fulfillment process. Did you miss our first video? Read more