How to Create a Great Branded Item

pickle ball kits

Promotional items are fun to shop, right? You imagine your logo on a bunch of cool swag for clients and customers. But of course you don’t want to use the same old magnet or pen that everyone else has. We have helped our clients choose and print a wide variety of items to help maintain brand awareness. One of our favorites was the pickle ball kits that a corporate client had made up for an event.

Premium incentive items, corporate gifts, and swag are an important component of our client’s overall marketing and communication programs–not just an afterthought. There are many reasons to use these items in your marketing mix.

What are some of the considerations you have when choosing promo items? Let’s think it through with these 4 factors for a good branded item.


Items that have a short life such as pads of paper or candies will not be around long to remind the user of your brand. When choosing, think about the life of the item. Will it be used and discarded in one sitting? Does it have “legs” and maybe it’s even something that people will want to share? It’s extra perfect if you come up with a branded item that people will covet. After all, if someone really wants this item, you have their attention already and you haven’t even made a pitch yet.


Basically, this boils down to one point: don’t make junk that no one wants. It does nothing for your brand message to print your name on kitsch that’s just bound for the garbage. There are so many options out there, however, that you can definitely find something that people will use. Ice scrapers, good t-shirts, caps, bags, for example, have a utility beyond advertising your business. As always, good marketing is a two way street, so if you provide a useful and pleasing item, it has value to your prospect and that results in greater value for your brand.


A brown paper bag is just a brown paper bag. A brown paper bag with a small company name on it is really still just a brown paper bag. But a colorful paper bag with your logo on it and a funny phrase or image is more eye-catching and desirable.

This principle is the same for all design and we have mentioned it to help direct mail stand out as well. Changing the shape, colors, design, and being personal will help your promo item pop and stay in circulation, which keeps your brand on the mind.


If you sell dog treats, you probably wouldn’t choose a logo printed baby bottle. The item that you choose should have some relevance to your brand because it needs to feel appropriate. If you make a good choice, the target will enjoy using your item for a while.

Converting Leads

The right promotional item can create goodwill, brand recognition, and turn leads into customers. We would love to help your business choose and create the right product. Then we can receive, inventory, store, kit, and ship your items to your next event or sales meeting.

With CFS, you receive all of the personal support you need from experienced specialists who can deliver the right marketing vehicle that will help your business grow.

Let’s get into it, view our promotional products catalog and then give us a call to get started.

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