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Through the eyes of a volunteer

This year I volunteered at the Dana Farber Scooper Bowl Fundraiser event. I received an email that they were looking for volunteers and my son Kevin needed to fulfill service hours for high school. I thought it would be fun to volunteer together and to try some new ice cream flavors! CFS helps Dana Farber with Event Support and, in that capacity, I have been to the Scooper Bowl many times. This successful event has raised over $4.5 million since it began ... Read more

Don’t let your business fall into a summer slump!

Now is a great time to connect with customers and prospects to promote your business. Watch our video* to get some fun and creative ideas for building your brand this summer. *For laughs we added some outtakes at the end. Read more

Important Questions to Ask About Your In-house Fulfillment

Many businesses start out doing their own fulfillment because they believe it's cost-effective and easily done. All they need to do is store products, process orders as they come in, pack up and ship them to the customer, right? Sounds simple enough, yes? But what happens when it becomes more of a burden than a cost-saving endeavor? Missed orders, delayed shipping, lost inventory, angry clients, and hungry competitors! Then what? Here are 5 questions to think about when doing in-house fulfillment. Does customer ... Read more