Our mission

Professional fulfillment services

If packing, shipping, distribution, and managing inventory are not what gets you excited each day (it does for us), we are here for you. Having a partner who can handle the day-to-day details of your fulfillment service needs helps you focus on the part of the business that you enjoy.

We are a best-of-breed on-demand logistics company with fulfillment services and an experienced staff capable of executing every step of the process with efficiency and meticulous accuracy.

Our mission

We're problem solvers

Our 60,000-square-foot facility allows us to securely store our clients’ valuable materials without the risk of downtime, thanks to a 24-hour surveillance system and a backup generator. We offer a customized online order management system (CFSPRO) that provides detailed insights into your inventory 24/7. CSFPRO features real-time updates on orders and inventory, detailed usage reports, and complete audit trails. Clients can set re-order levels and trigger the print process to replenish stock, minimizing out-of-stock, and backorder incidents.

By handling inventory, on-demand order processing, and materials shipping and distribution, we can ensure that our clients can focus on the big picture. We take care of everything else.

what we do

Some of what we offer as a professional fulfillment service

Secure storage

Personalized eStore

Intelligent reporting

(low inventory, usage, backorder email alerts, order tracking, audit trails)

Inventory valuation

Dedicated client success executives


Sorting & inspection

Returns management

Breakdown & storage

What we do
Case studies

Fundraising success through personalized direct mail

Data segmentation and variable data printing

Full-scale event management