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If Packing, shipping, distribution, and managing inventory is not what gets you excited each day (it does for us), we are here for you. Having a partner who can handle the day-to-day details of your fulfillment service needs helps you focus on the part of the business that you enjoy.

We are a best-of-breed on-demand logistics company with fulfillment services in Massachusetts and an experienced staff capable of executing every step of the process with efficiency and meticulous accuracy.

Our 60,000 square-foot facility allows us to securely store our clients’ valuable materials without the risk of downtime, thanks to a 24-hour surveillance system and a backup generator. We offer a customized online order management system (CFSPro) that provides detailed insights into your inventory 24/7. CFSPro features real-time updates on orders and inventory, detailed usage reports, and complete audit trails. Clients can set re-order levels and trigger the print process to replenish stock, minimizing out-of-stock, and backorder incidents.

By handling inventory, on-demand order processing, and materials shipping and distribution, we can ensure that our clients can focus on the big picture. We take care of everything else.

Some Of What We Offer As a Professional Fulfillment Service In Massachusetts

  • Secure storage
  • CFSPro Online Inventory Management System
  • Personalized eStore
  • Intelligent Reporting (low inventory, usage, backorder email alerts, order tracking, audit trails)
  • Inventory valuation
  • Dedicated Client Solutions Manager
  • Assembly & kitting
  • High speed shrink-wrapping
  • Sorting & inspection
  • Returns management
  • Breakdown & storage


“We have worked with CFS for over 10 years and we are very pleased with the service CFS provides our company. The team is friendly, knowledgeable, dependable, professional, and always available to us when we need them. CFS doesn’t just ship our conference materials; they follow it all the way to the destination, consistently going above and beyond.”

- Manager, Global Conferences and Events, Wiley Publishing

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White Glove Kitting and Assembly

Kitting & hand assembly projects don’t need to be taxing and time-consuming. We provide comprehensive, turnkey packaging and fulfillment services for pick and pack, assembly, and distribution of products ranging from intricate retail displays to product sample kits. Our skilled assembly staff work in a seamless, scalable workflow environment designed to increase productivity and eliminate errors. The result: “white glove” service on kitting and assembly needs, including:

• Sample box assembly
• Pick and pack
• Kitting services
• Elaborate 3D promotional displays

Whether you require a short or long-term assembly program, our team will assist you with developing a specialized solution that meets your needs from concept and packaging through production and distribution.


“CFS constructed our unassembled bicycles and created a seamless process with an easy-to-use eStore for our team; it’s fast and reliable, and our contacts at CFS are always ready to assist us.”

- Manager, Marketing Operations, Keds USA

What is Fulfillment: Video Series

Custom Assembly

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