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Did you know your internal fulfillment is costing you valuable time and money?

Have you ever stacked your overflow of brochures, letterhead, etc., in an empty office or an already full back room? Maybe even your own office contains some boxes that get in your way. Collateral is easily damaged in a space not designated to accommodate it. Never mind the time that will need to be taken down the line by your employees to clean out that area when a new hire comes on board, or a different department takes over that back room. Have you ... Read more

Direct Mail and Email. We just don’t look at them the same anymore.

Direct Mail and Email. We just don’t look at them the same anymore. Back when computers first came on the scene, getting one in your office or home was a big deal. Before the computer, a steady flow of direct mail would be delivered to you on a daily basis. Funny, how over a relatively short period of time, things have changed so much. Direct mail continues to flow and is now joined by its electronic counterpart – email. Digital technology has and ... Read more

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Printing

Stop printing marketing collateral on your office printer. Are you using your own office printers to produce collateral? Just because you can print your business marketing material yourself, should you? Here are a few things to think about before clicking print: Quality: Most desktop or office printers cannot match the quality of professional technology & software. Remember, you are handing these out to your customers and prospects, and they are a reflection of your business. How do you want to be perceived? Design: Trying to design ... Read more

Our Core Values

It's been some time since I went to an industry conference in Tampa, sat in a session on “Marketing…the Future of Your Business” that had a smart knowledgeable presenter. She really hit home with precisely where we were as a company and better yet - what we needed to do to change and grow. I ran into her on the elevator one evening when I was headed to dinner with a couple of business owners from Kentucky, introduced myself, exchanged cards and ... Read more