Direct Mail and Email. We just don’t look at them the same anymore.

Direct Mail and Email. We just don’t look at them the same anymore.

You might not remember, but when computers first came on the scene, getting one in your office or home was a big deal. Fast forward twenty years, give or take, and now we are bombarded with email and digital messages at all times of day and night.

All of this digital immersion makes it easy to forget the tangible elements of marketing such as direct mail, print advertising, signage, and retail displays. But they still make a real impact and should be considered in your marketing mix.

Did you know that…

71% of companies will increase spending on digital marketing, yet 51% of emails are deleted in only 2 seconds?

That’s not a lot of time to get your message across.

69% of people will open the direct mail that they receive, while only 21% of people will open an email they get in their inbox. (And less than 3% will click through.)

Which one will give you a better chance to connect?

57% of people say they remember a message they receive by direct mail, while 32% remember an email message.

Which one will give you the desired response?

This research shows that we can’t rely on direct mail or email alone anymore. While a direct mail piece may get their attention, sometimes email offers a greater way to generate a response. A successful marketing campaign combines several different media channels to get your message across. By giving our target audience more choices on how they receive our information, we maximize engagement.

Understanding how to effectively combine direct mail and email helps us deliver a more memorable message to our customers.

Print is Thriving

Adding print elements to your marketing mix increases brand recognition and recall. It gives your business more opportunities to reach the target and deliver the message that can actually provide them with value. If you are serious about getting your brand out there, we recommend adding print to your mix.

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