Direct Mail and Email, the One – Two Punch.

Direct Mail Email BoxingAre you looking for an economical way to get your message out to clients and prospects? Although email marketing has become an inexpensive option, direct mail is still considered one of the strongest and most effective methods of delivering your message to your target audience. So imagine if you could create a marketing campaign that combined both to present your products and services and in a way that would reinforce what your business has to offer.

During these challenging economic times we are all looking for ways to get our message across and do it at a lower cost. What we sometimes forget in our marketing efforts is the ROI (return on investment) that we get from the cost associated with promoting our products or services. Combining direct mail with email is one great way to increase that ROI.   Consumers still like to receive mail. It’s tangible and real, we can leave it on our desk or counter and look at it later. We can’t just hit the delete button and make it go away. But then imagine taking that same message and a short time later sending out an email that promotes the same information. That integrated approach and consistent message using two different mediums to touch your client or prospect can have a dramatic effect on the success of the campaign. Do both and watch how the ROI increase and the potential for sales to improve.

Done the other way around you can use an email campaign as a tickler or teaser to let prospects know that a direct mail promotion is to follow. This increases the likelihood that they will look at your direct mail piece and in return increase the responses that you may get from it. An effective email promotion that creates curiosity and is intriguing will help to develop anticipation of a potential benefit that your customers will look for in the direct mail to follow. Either order in which you do them can have an amazing effect on the success of your marketing efforts.

Take a look at your marketing plan and see how you can maximize all the tools and resources that are available to you to promote your business. The Internet and email provide a lot of opportunities that we didn’t have a few years ago and they are here to stay but direct mail is still one of the strongest marketing tools you can use. Start to look at how you can use both of them together in your fight for more business and realize that together they make a great combination.

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Tim Slattery, April 16, 2015

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