How are you tracking your direct mail campaigns?

How are you tracking your direct mail campaigns?

There are a lot of things to think about when you create and send a direct mail campaign. Even in the digital age, direct mail is still considered one of the most effective marketing channels.

We are used to looking at social media metrics and website response, but how do you know if your prospects received your direct mail? How will you track inbound leads? Which ways are the most effective when trying to ensure your campaign was a success?

Here are the top ways to track your mail to ensure its success.

Sample Piece

By “seeding” or adding yourself to the mailing list, you’ll be able to ensure your sample mail piece arrives in good condition and have an estimated date of when the others hit mailboxes. You can also add additional addresses of people you may know in other areas that might be further out on your list – giving you another estimated receive date.

Landing Page

By creating a landing page specific to your campaign, you can narrow down the results of those who visited the site. Once you know the mail pieces have been delivered, check your website’s Google Analytics to see how many new users were brought to your landing page. Also, with Google Analytics, you can see how long users were on your campaign-specific landing page, as well as travel to other pages of your site.

Promo Code

Include a coupon code in your mailing to narrow down the campaign the recipient came from. Make coupon codes very specific to the campaign. For example, if you’re sending a mailing in the spring and offering 20% off, use the coupon code “Spring20”. With this information, you’ll know it was from the spring mailing.

Contact Forms

When creating a contact form (for any type of campaign) include the question “Where did you hear about us?” Responses should be Direct Mail, Social Media, Email, Word Of Mouth, Other. With this information, when your sales reps go to reach out to prospects, they’ll have a better understanding of what campaign they saw last and how to respond appropriately.


While narrowing down if your direct mail campaign was a success, these tips should help you track and determine whether or not you hit your intended goals.

We can help you set up, print, send, and evaluate your direct mailings. Ask us how today!

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