5 Items to Include in Your Print Marketing Strategy

5 Items to Include in your Print Marketing Strategy

While it’s true that most content is found online, there will always be a place for printed materials as part of your overall marketing strategy. It’s a great way to supplement and reinforce your marketing message. Plus, printed materials can make a bigger impact with less competition.

Still, there are so many possible marketing items that it can be challenging to know which ones to include. Start with these five, and you’ll be well on your way to having a well-rounded print marketing strategy.

Business Cards

They’ve served as tried-and-true marketing tools for ages, yet are still in style. When you carry business cards with you, you’re ready to hand them out to prospective clients anywhere, at any time. Although they tend to come in a standard size, you have flexibility when it comes to expressing your unique messages – such as colors, fonts, design, and content.

Rack Card

A rack card is on the small side in size compared to other marketing items such as brochures, but its catchy design and graphics can draw readers in and convey quick messages.


Serving as traditional marketing tools, brochures can convey whatever you want – such as information about a product or service you provide. Once they’re printed, you can distribute brochures to interested audiences in various ways, such as via mail, in person, and at conferences.


In a newsletter you can include content about your company, keeping current and prospective customers up-to-date. You have many options when it comes to newsletter publishing, including various choices as far as timing and layout. Take some time to come up with a great newsletter design that truly reflects your company’s image while engaging readers.

Case Studies

There’s something extremely powerful about giving examples of problems you’ve solved for customers in the past, plus results you’ve achieved, and that’s exactly what case studies do. These real-world testimonials are likely to sell prospective clients and customers on working with you. They tend to be quick reads that provide a powerful punch to your marketing efforts.

Next Steps

You can’t go wrong when you include these five materials in your print marketing strategy. Coordinate all of them to have the same feel and style for a cohesive look.

If you’re looking for even more printed materials, here’s a list of 17 different types of popular print works that will promote even greater brand awareness.

Once you find the right place to have your marketing materials printed, it’s time to admire them and distribute them. Then watch your marketing results soar.

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