How To Enhance your Social Media – Part 2

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No matter which industry you’re in, social media is great for your branding efforts, as well as for interacting with your prospects and customers. In part one of this blog post (if you haven’t read part one – click here) we went over a few tips you should be taking advantage of when it comes to Facebook and Twitter. This blog post will go over LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube.


• Complete your profile – Completing your LinkedIn profile will increase the chances of your personal and company pages being seen when searched. If key information is left out, your company might get passed over to someone else. When it comes to your page, include education, interests, previous jobs, and skills. This way, if someone is looking at your profile, they’ll get an idea of who you are professionally.

• Share Content – Sharing content, specifically your own, is an effective way to show that you are the expert. Also, much like other social media, sharing content allows your team members to share it as well – essentially doubling or tripling the number of impressions received.

• Leverage the power of groups – LinkedIn Groups are an easy way to expand your knowledge of topics, as well as share your own experiences. Groups can vary from hobbies and businesses to Universities and Colleges. Join as many as you like; if you created one, invite people to join it. This gives you an additional opportunity to share content with your followers.


• Write a great description – The description in a YouTube video (other than the video itself) is one of the most important elements for your success. Write a description that summarizes what the video is about, and be sure to add keywords. Doing this will make sure your video can be found.

• Drive people to your website – The main goal of your social media is to drive traffic to your website and increase conversion rates. So whether it’s through the video’s description or within your content, you always want to make sure you’re directing your prospects back to your website.

• Customize Your Channel – Customize your channel so it’s recognizable. Your background image and icon should be cohesive and should match your website or any additional social media pages. Once your brand is cohesive, it will be easier for prospects to remember who you are.

When done correctly, social media can increase conversions to your website, and help your brand become more recognizable. Social media is here to stay, so be sure you’re taking advantage of all the opportunities available.

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Tim Slattery

About the Author:
Tim Slattery is the CEO and founder of CFS, Inc. in Norton, MA. He has over 26 years of experience and leads a dynamic group of people who successfully deliver superior and flexible marketing solutions and product support services to our world-class clients. You can contact him at [email protected] or click here to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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