How to Enhance Your Social Media – Part 1

Enhance Social Media
With social media on the rise, you want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of the opportunities available for your business. Social media is great for updating your followers on current events going on in your company, as well as sharing your knowledge of the industry.

We’re going to start with two of the most popular social media networks available – Facebook and Twitter. Check out some of these tips your business should be taking advantage of.


• Boost Important Posts – Is your business expanding to a different city, town or even state? Publish a post relating to that, and link back to your website for more information. A great way to enhance your reach with this post is to boost it. Boosting posts allows you to narrow down your geography, demographics, and interests, and it generates more interest in your company.

• Post Consistently – Posting consistently shows that your brand is active on social media, and if someone were to reach out you’d be there to help.

• Pictures – Like the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Actively sharing pictures on your Facebook page will increase engagement, and impressions – driving results.


• Keep It Short – Twitter has a 140-character limit on all tweets. When crafting your message, make it enticing and engaging so the user will click through.

• Use Hashtags – Hashtags narrow down the extensive amount of tweets that are showing up on your timeline. Hashtags will increase the chances of your tweets being seen and engaged. Also, research the hashtags you plan on using. You don’t want to use one that hasn’t been used frequently or one that isn’t appropriate for your tweet.

• Retweeting – Retweeting different articles or related news within your industry will garner additional views on your brand.

Social media is an effective way to show your company is the expert. Part two of this blog post will focus on LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube. Be on the lookout for it soon!

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Tim Slattery

About the Author:
Tim Slattery is the CEO and founder of CFS, Inc. in Norton, MA. He has over 26 years of experience and leads a dynamic group of people who successfully deliver superior and flexible marketing solutions and product support services to our world-class clients. You can contact him at [email protected] or click here to connect with him on LinkedIn

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