Use Custom Branded Kits to Make a Lasting Impression

Use Custom Branded Kits to Make a Lasting Impression

Custom-branded kits make a splash for your business. Kits are often the first encounter someone has with your brand, and they can make a lasting impression.

Types of Custom Kits

There are many different types of kits that you might use in your business:

  • Employee welcome kits — A popular growing category, particularly with the rise in remote workers.
  • Event kits — Even virtual events are better with kits.
  • Client appreciation gifts — It’s important to show gratitude in a relationship.
  • Promotional kitting — Increase brand awareness and recall.
  • Professional holiday gifts — Stay in the minds of clients, customers, contacts, and vendors.
  • Influencer marketing kits — The unboxing process is as important as the products inside.

The best part of kitting is the complete customization. Every business has its own flair and priorities, so you can truly demonstrate your unique brand personality with relevant items and custom box styles and packaging.

How Custom-Branded Kits Are Made

When there are materials coming from a variety of sources, it is more efficient to use a fulfillment service for storage and assembly. At CFS, we can receive all of your kit items, from boxes and inserts to promotional items and products. We can even print many of your required related materials such as flyers and signage.

Once all of the materials are received, you’ll need someone to assemble your branded kits either in batches or on-the-fly. A fulfillment center stores and organizes all of the components and can create the exact number of kits you need and distribute them accordingly without you lifting a finger.

CFS is equipped to create kits in predetermined batches or on demand. When there is predictable demand and standardization, a batch of kits can be pre-made to your specifications. In other situations, it is appropriate to allow complete customization of components.

Get Creative

There are many ways you can use custom-branded kits or promotional kits in your business. To increase loyalty, brand visibility, brand awareness, and employee morale…

Go ahead and get creative, and leave the assembly up to us. We have refined our White Glove Kitting and Assembly services to help make your custom-branded kits effortless and fabulous.

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