Hand Assembly and Kitting

Kitting & hand assembly doesn’t have to be a costly and time-consuming process. At CFS, we provide comprehensive turnkey packaging and fulfillment services that will save your company time and money.

CFS provides a broad range of high capacity assembly capabilities that give our clients a competitive advantage. Our skilled assembly staff has been providing assembly and kitting services for many years. They work in a seamless, scalable workflow environment that has been developed to increase productivity and eliminate errors.

Our management team works diligently to get your products directly to your customers’ door precisely as you intended -on time and on budget. Each year, we manage and oversee a tremendous amount of projects from sample box assembly, to pick and pack and kitting services, to elaborate 3D promotional displays.

Kitting and sample packs have become a significant marketing component as companies are looking for new ways to expand their brand offerings and product lines. Additionally, HR departments can take advantage of our capabilities while they start meaningful relationships that will sustain long-term success with new hires.

Whether you require short or long term contract assembly program, our team will assist you with developing a specialized solution that meets your needs from concept and packaging, through production and distribution.

Beyond proofing, our clients call it the “White-Glove” treatment.

Accuracy, Timeliness, and Attention to Detail.

by Cathleen Drury

When you think of “White-Glove” service, what thoughts come to mind? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “white-glove” service as “marked by special care or attention: meticulous”. Some connotations that come to mind for me are: enhanced, caring, detailed and exemplary. I want to share a couple of experiences that demonstrate the kind of service our clients have come to expect from CFS.

A client recently told us that she really appreciated the “white glove” treatment she received from CFS on a complex direct mail project. It was for a major agency’s high profile client, the piece was both unique and creative genius, and the components were delicate to say the least. Our client described the finished piece as “very sexy” which brought a big smile to all involved.

The agency and their client were at CFS on the first day of assembly for the proof process. They were amazed at the level of detail and care our team put into their project, especially when they realized that everyone on our team touching the components were actually wearing white gloves to protect each piece from smudges and fingerprints.

Our QC processes at CFS are very stringent. To ensure your project is completed to our “white-glove” standards, the product is always counted and inspected upon receipt. If there are issues with inventory or components we want to catch them before the project starts rather than when it may be too late and affect the ever important deadlines and drop dates.

As an added step, we have developed a process we call Beyond Proofing. We not only proofread your materials, we actually check URL’s and landing pages, scan QR codes, and someone from our team even dials telephone numbers to make sure everything is precise. We recently landed a new account, and while we were verifying the three 1-800 numbers that were listed on the VDP letter being mailed to their client database, one of the numbers listed was for a different organization – great catch! We notified our client and they were stunned – they had been printing the wrong number for years and no one thought to check it!

We have been handling unique and complex projects since our founding in 1990. Our staff prides itself on helping our clients be successful, it’s one of the keys that separates us from other service providers. We feel it’s so important that we nominate and reward our team members for “Hero of the Month” when they go above and beyond. At CFS our attitude has always been Client First – ALWAYS! It doesn’t matter if your project is 80 or 80,000 pieces – we’ve got your back – with our “white-glove” service commitment!