The type of signage used is critical to your success.

When it comes to signage for your business, there is an overwhelming amount of options. Do you need a sign with indoor usage in mind, or do you need an outdoor sign? After narrowing down the location, you’ll need to decide on the material. Deciding which material to use can become extremely stressful. Not only is the message on your signage very important, but the type of signage you choose is also critical to your success.

Check out the most common types of signage:


Vinyl – Vinyl banners are the signs most commonly seen at outdoor events such as fundraisers. If you’re at a fundraising walk, the start and finish signs are usually made from vinyl. Grommets can also be added to secure and easily hang the banner. They can be added to corners of the banner, or you can have custom locations – such as every 2-3 feet. They can last up to two years and are UV protected.

Poster – Posters are made for short-term indoor use. They’re great for trade shows if you’re trying to get people to enter a raffle, or announce a new product/service you’re offering. Once the show is over, they usually get recycled. There are also many different sizes offered when it comes to posters.

Coroplast – A coroplast sign is a white plastic board similar in construction to corrugated cardboard. They are great for outdoor use and can be mounted on metal stakes. These signs are mostly associated with real estate companies, golf tournament fundraising, and political signs. They’re durable and made to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Foamcore – Foamcore is one of the most inexpensive signs available, and they are used with indoor applications in mind. Foamcore is lightweight and can be cut or drilled.  These signs are used at events to make a lasting impression on visitors. For example, here at CFS, we use foam core signs to indicate which department you are in when you’re walking around our facility, as well as to proudly display the names of our clients.

There are many other types of signage available for your business – the ones listed above are the most common. For help with your signage, contact one of our experts today, and we’ll make sure you have the best options available for your business.

Cathleen Drury

About the Author:
Cathleen Drury is the Marketing Coordinator at CFS, Inc. in Norton, MA. You can contact her at [email protected]

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