Would a mountain climber buy the cheapest rope?

Absolutely not – a mountain climber could die if the rope does not hold up. Climbing a mountain takes planning and careful preparation; it is not something you do spontaneously.

There are many different types of rope for climbing – some show wear and tear or other types of damage. Some will sustain the weight of a falling climber – to save their life. Other types of rope are used as guides or for pulling up gear. Determining what the climber needs prior to purchasing is the key to success. You do not want to be thinking about how much money you saved on rope with your life in the balance.

The same can be said for major business decisions and marketing campaigns. You want to plan and be prepared. You need to balance risks and rewards. You want a team behind you that will insure success.

When choosing a partner to help you with your marketing efforts, first determine what the stress points are of your current marketing campaign. Do you find yourself without needed material at a trade show or conference? Are certain brochures being used up too quickly? CFS will help you map out your marketing processes and determine the areas in which you need more support. CFS will help you climb your mountain and hit your goals.

A great partner can be like the climber’s best rope, strong and reliable. Choose the right tools for success – CFS.

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Rick Botsch, May 14, 2015

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