The Hidden Costs of Internal Fulfillment

The Hidden Costs of Internal Fulfillment

Did you know your internal fulfillment is costing you valuable time and money?

DIY Isn’t Always the Answer

If you are a small business, you know this feeling: “I have to do it myself to save money.” And there are a lot of things that you can do yourself to save money for your business, but fulfillment is not one of them. Let’s consider a couple of questions.

Q1. Have you ever stacked your overflow of brochures, letterhead, etc., in an empty office or an already full back room?

Maybe even your own office contains some boxes that get in your way.

Collateral is easily damaged in a space not designated to accommodate it. Not to mention the time that you and your employees will have to take later to clean out that area when a new hire comes on board, or a different department takes over that back room.

Q2. Have you ever thought your mailing was so small that it would be easier and less expensive to do in-house?

Most mailings are more than stuffing envelopes and affixing stamps. What is the cost of having an employee spend hours of their day on this task? What is the cost of paper, envelopes, and even ink? Once you start adding up everything that goes into your mailing, the cost might outweigh the profit. If your mailing is 200 pieces or more, you qualify for postage discounts that can be attained using certified postal software.

Q3. What sacrifices will you make to do your fulfillment?

For direct mail, you may be sacrificing quality. For example, most offices do not possess printers that are equipped to churn out high-quality mail pieces. With fulfillment, you may have to sacrifice accuracy, speed, or staff time to get kits put together and shipped on a deadline. This time and effort is better spent on marketing efforts, event planning and management, and much more. You don’t need to make these sacrifices.

Save Your Time and Money

You may not have realized it at the time, but these are costly practices.

Outsourcing these projects to a fulfillment partner can decrease your cost and increase your return on investment. There are many immediate benefits for your business.

A multi-talented fulfillment partner:

• Inventories & properly stores your product, giving you real-time inventory numbers, assisting in forecasting upcoming reprints – never again print an overrun of costly collateral that doesn’t get used!

• Provides help with graphic design, sources your mailing materials, acquires targeted prospect lists, and obtains substantial postage savings through the postal service on your behalf.

• Creates a marketing campaign to accompany your mailing, or company announcement – increasing brand recognition and attracting potential leads to benefit your bottom line.

• Provides experienced event support, whether it is a small internal luncheon or a company road race, a fulfillment partner is there – scheduling deliveries in advance to lock in lower rates and ensure your event starts on time.

• Offers print & promotional product solutions. It is extremely valuable to be able to design, print,
mail and store your collateral, all with one dedicated partner.

• Eliminates expensive shipping mix-ups from vendor to vendor, costly delays on your project timeline to accommodate for the arrival of the product, etc.

• Will design and source an exciting new giveaway for you when you need a new pen or water bottle to promote your company to prospects, saving you precious time while providing considerable savings to your budget.

Simplify Fulfillment Operations

Focus your marketing efforts, increase profit and revitalize your outreach with a fulfillment partner.

Say goodbye to other projects falling by the wayside, missing deadlines because resources are tied up, and trying to explain why you’re over budget. There’s no need to go it alone, team up with an expert and see results soar! A great fulfillment partner is just that – a partner, who realizes their success follows the other. When you’re ready to see what an amazing fulfillment partner can provide, click here.

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We have over 30 years of experience solving pain-points for our partners. Whether it’s the frustration of employing multiple vendors to handle one project, or simply looking for a proactive partner to serve as an extension of your team, you’ve come to the right place.

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