Do you have a Fundraising Checklist?

Fundraising Checklist

Looking to improve your fundraising? We know that fundraising can be difficult and that there are many contributing factors when it comes to promoting your cause or charity.

To assist you, we put together a checklist for your fundraising efforts.

Donation Forms – Your donation form should be no longer than one page, and really simple to fill out. Include a space where donors have the option to donate in honor of someone.

• Event Planning – First, set goals for your organization and event. Then, choose the right type of event that best aligns with your audience.

• Email Marketing – Your subject line should entice readers to open the email and continue reading.
Make sure you have permission to email everyone on your contact list.

Thanking Donors – Send a personalized “thank you” immediately upon receiving a donation.


Tim Slattery, May 4, 2017

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