Do You Have a Fulfillment Checklist?

Do You Have a Fulfillment Checklist?

You may already know the hidden costs of internal fulfillment. But if you are already outsourcing logistics for your business, let’s make sure it’s with the right fulfillment partner.

Fulfillment Checklist

Do you lay awake at night worrying about your fulfillment service provider? Leaders in the fulfillment industry provide the following, does yours?

  • A clean, organized fulfillment center with secure storage for high-value items.
  • A Client Solutions Executive dedicated to you and your program, someone who knows your product and business as well as you do.
  • Customized and branded online storefronts with product images as well as PDF download and print-on-demand capabilities.
  • Online access to real-time & intelligent inventory, order, and usage reports, coupled with assistance analyzing usage and forecasting future inventory needs based on past ordering trends.
  • A team of service professionals answering every call, rather than a maze of automated prompts ending in voicemail.
  • Analysis of your program requirements resulting in a documented process solution and a roadmap for future cost-saving recommendations (ours is called CFSprocess+ and all new clients receive one).
  • Inspection of inventory upon arrival, to ensure your product is damage free.
  • The ability to accommodate last-minute shipping requests and/or same-day project completion.
  • Expertise to handle international shipments – from the required documentation to navigating customs.
  • Expertise with multi-channel marketing support to increase your revenue and build relationships.
  • One-stop shopping for other services such as print, direct mail, signage, promotional items, event support, packaging, and assembly.
  • A backup generator supplies power to the entire building, as well as a documented business continuity and disaster recovery plan. Which equals zero downtime.

If you answered “NO” to two or more of the statements above, contact us today for help!

Our warehouse is super clean and organized. We take special pride in maintaining it that way and, to be honest, we’re a little OCD about it. The good news is, that means we keep our clients’ materials in pristine shape with accurate inventory and speedy printing, compilation, and shipping services. It’s all part of maintaining high standards, which we do without compromise.

Let’s discuss how we can apply our expertise to your project and increase the success and quality of your marketing efforts.

clean and organized warehouse

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We have over 30 years of experience solving pain-points for our partners.

We have over 30 years of experience solving pain-points for our partners. Whether it’s the frustration of employing multiple vendors to handle one project, or simply looking for a proactive partner to serve as an extension of your team, you’ve come to the right place.

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