Tips for Avoiding Potholes

Potholes warning sign.With a great sigh of relief, the thaw of springtime is finally here, but at what price? According to AAA, potholes cost drivers a whopping $6.4 billion dollars a year or $2,000 per driver. Why? Because potholes cause damage to shocks, struts, tires and wheels everyday on America’s roads. So what can you do to prevent vehicle damage to your car?

Here are some tips:

• If you see a pothole, report it to your local Highway Department.

• If there is still left over water or ice on the road, avoid these areas as they might be concealing a pothole.

• Watch what other cars are doing. If cars slow down or change lanes, chances are they could be avoiding a pothole.

• If you can’t avoid the pothole, make sure you slow down to
minimize impact.

• Keep your tires in tip-top shape. If they are under or over inflated, this can increase your chances of wheel or tire damage.

• If your car is damaged by a pothole, be sure to get a picture of it as well as a printed receipt for the damage. Then inquire with your state or local government as they may reimburse you for the damage.

Tim Slattery, March 30, 2015

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