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CFS BuildingWhat it Means to Us

CFS is committed to providing top-of-the-line solutions to our clients – so we’ve thought a lot about what it means to be your partner. Since we started our business over 28 years ago, our team has seen a variety of frustration from clients who employ multiple vendors to handle one project. Before long our dedicated staff started brainstorming how to solve those pain-points, and now we have a long list of end-to-end customized solutions that range from marketing to fulfillment.

Today, we don’t just think of our company as a solutions provider, but as a partner to any business that needs our help. Tell us what keeps you up at night and we will create a customized solution for you that will guarantee rest and assurance.


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Your Industry Partner
We’ve worked with a variety of businesses and organizations throughout the years, all with individual needs for customized solutions, however, we are proud of the industries that come to us for top-line services time and again. So proud, in fact, we want to showcase them right here! With CFS industry specific solutions we can be more than just your partner, we can be your go-to resource for all things…
Life Sciences

CFS Inc., is proud to work with a variety of industry leading innovators in medical solutions. From coordinating daily shipments to providing comprehensive event support; if you’re in the bio-med industry, CFS has you covered! We make it our job to remain up-to-date on all current health care policies and laws, and are in full compliance with the Sunshine Act; enabling our clients to worry less and save time.

Higher Education

Marketing is an important part of keeping a college or university afloat. It begins with prospective students and continues through alumni donations. Located between a well-known state university and a competitive private college, we began our partnership with marketing departments in the industry when we saw a need within our own community. Now we help educational institutions throughout the country to increase revenue through marketing campaigns and collateral.


Organization and attention to detail are key aspects of successful operations in any bank or credit union. We recognize the need for the unification of paperwork and materials in one place, and have a thorough understanding of what is required for organization and success.  As a long standing partner of the finance industry, CFS can work with you to grow your establishment through a variety of our finance focused solutions, ranging from printing and fulfillment, to multi-channel marketing.


CFS was approached by a technology focused re-commerce company looking for  industry leading fulfillment solutions. We saw the need to help our new partners create a tailored process for their cell phone recycling services, and were proud to watch as they grew into a household name. CFS takes great pride in being a part of our client’s success, as well as the strength we’ve seen in our process implementation’s ability to evolve with changing demands. At it’s peak, we manage more than 5,000 requests per week, and up to 300,000 in one month, during a new technology launch. We believe that there is no problem that can’t be overcome with a well-planned solution! If you’re in the re-commerce industry and looking for the right solution to grow your business, contact our experts today!

Retail Support

CFS has a strong background in customer support and communications, in fact they are two of our strongest internal assets. We understand how important customer satisfaction can be to every business within the retail industry, which is why we treat all our retail partners with the same level of respect and understanding they provide to their customers. With our one-stop retail service offerings, you can be sure that everything from POP to cross-media marketing campaigns will be in the very best hands. Currently, we partner with a variety of industry leading retailers, ranging from footwear and imaging, to cranberry juice!


CFS is proud to be a longstanding partner with the highest rated cancer center in New England! We believe in what our non-profit partners do, and are dedicated to enriching their organizations through the solutions we provide. Our non-profit solutions range from marketing and direct mail, to event support and kitting. We have everything you need to run your next campaign, event, or both!

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