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Do you treat each of your donors differently?

Do you treat each of your donors differently? For organizations looking to increase donations, one key element to improving response rates is data-driven, highly personalized, full-color printed direct mail campaigns that target donors with pinpoint precision. Today, fundraising is a billion-dollar-a-year industry that constitutes one seventh of the nation’s economy. Of those funds, nearly seventy five percent come from individuals like us. The best way to increase fundraising results is by understanding that the real value is in the “connection” born from ... Read more

7 tips for increasing customer confidence.

One key ingredient for increasing customer loyalty is building your customers’ confidence in your business. When a customer gives you an opportunity, they want to know they are in good hands. If you can gain and maintain a customer’s confidence, they will not only use your products and services, they will be more inclined to recommend your business to others. Here are tips from some of our team members on how we build and retain our clients’ confidence. Greg Jezard, President - We ... Read more

Important Questions to Ask About Your In-house Fulfillment

Many businesses start out doing their own fulfillment because they believe it's cost-effective and easily done. All they need to do is store products, process orders as they come in, pack up and ship them to the customer, right? Sounds simple enough, yes? But what happens when it becomes more of a burden than a cost-saving endeavor? Missed orders, delayed shipping, lost inventory, angry clients, and hungry competitors! Then what? Here are 5 questions to think about when doing in-house fulfillment. Does customer ... Read more

Would a mountain climber buy the cheapest rope?

Absolutely not – a mountain climber could die if the rope does not hold up. Climbing a mountain takes planning and careful preparation; it is not something you do spontaneously. There are many different types of rope for climbing – some show wear and tear or other types of damage. Some will sustain the weight of a falling climber – to save their life. Other types of rope are used as guides or for pulling up gear. Determining what the climber needs ... Read more