Improve Results by up to 46%

All CFS direct mail campaigns offer Unlimited Mail Tracking, which provides tracking throughout the process–from drop through delivery. Using cutting edge barcode technology, we track the mailing process so you know exactly when your mail pieces are due to arrive in prospects’ mailboxes.  Tracking information is available through a simple online dashboard, allowing you to plan appropriately for the influx of inbound activity.

In addition to Unlimited Mail Tracking, our clients have the option of purchasing incremental tracking and follow-up services for added message exposure. This integrated approach costs pennies per piece and can enhance direct mail campaign results by up to 46%.

We work with a trusted partner to offer the following capabilities a la carte:

Enhanced Direct Mail Services

Some Of The Services We Offer

  • MailTracking
  • SocialMatch
  • Informed Delivery
  • Call Tracking
  • LEADMatch

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