I sent out a postcard…

I sent out a postcard… And I didn’t get a response!CFS Postcard Blog

All too often we hear this as a reason for businesses eliminating direct mail in their marketing strategy. There are many things that affect the number of responses received. We’ve come up with a list of the top reasons why postcards may not receive the desired results:

• Mailing only once – If you only send a mailing once, your mail won’t bring the brand awareness you desire. Multiple mailings increases your brand’s credibility and recipients feel more comfortable with you when they decide to reach out.

• Lacks Eye Catching Design – a postcard with a great design will stand out amongst other mail. Most companies opt for the smaller postcard because it cost less, but what many people don’t realize is that other companies are thinking the same thing. Try using a bigger size; it will catch your prospects’ attention.

• Wrong Target Market – Not defining your target market could also be a reason it had a lackluster response. Narrow down your markets to industry, job titles or location and make sure you focus on the pain that your prospects might have.

• No Personalization – Not including a recipient name could cause many people to disengage from reading the rest of the postcard. A person feels as if more effort went into the direct mail if they see it is addressed to them.

• No Call To Action – A call to action is what drives recipients to your website to complete another action. Whether it’s a form to receive an e-book, or a link to continue reading a blog post – the better the call to action the better the response.

• Not Using Multiple Channels – Try connecting your direct mail to online ads to generate more brand recognition. The repetition of seeing your brand will remind prospects of their current pain and increase their desire to receive more information about how you can help.

Direct mail is no longer a thing of the past, and the better the mail the greater the results. This can be a tough decision to make, so why not give the experts at CFS a call, and to see how we can help you with your direct mail response.


Cathleen Drury

About the Author:
Cathleen Drury is the Marketing Coordinator at CFS, Inc. in Norton, MA. You can contact her at cathleen@cfsinc.com or click here to follow her on Twitter.

Tim Slattery, October 26, 2016

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