Gazelle Case Study

Gazelle realizes 1,255% growth with a scalable fulfillment solution from CFS, Inc.

In 2010, Gazelle, Inc realized they were outgrowing their headquarters and started the process to procure and move into a larger space. At this point, they were receiving approximately 200 requests for trade-in kits each day, but the pool of obsolete gadgets was growing & growing quickly. Concurrent with this move, they initiated a search for a vendor to handle the critically important process of fulfilling the trade-in orders.

As they started the search for potential fulfillment partners, Gazelle made it clear that the winning bid needed to meet very specific short-term and long-term needs. Short-term, move the current process quickly and long-term, make it bigger and better. They found a successful partner in CFS!

“…Our job is to make it really easy and even fun for a customer to sell their used electronics to us, and that’s where CFS has been a great partner.”

– Sarah Welch, Chief Marketing Officer at Gazelle


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