Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Despite what you may have heard, direct mail marketing still holds a place of permanence and credibility that digital media struggles to compete with.

CFS has managed direct mail campaigns for some of the region’s best-known brands as well as for many area colleges and Universities. Through those experiences, we can develop highly effective and memorable promotional pieces that are specifically designed to deliver the results that will benefit your company with a consistent flow of new opportunities.

When we start a new campaign, our in-house design team gets right to work creating brilliant imagery accented with just the right touch of color combined with a winning message that delivers the maximum impact necessary to catch your customers’ attention.

Each mail piece is fully tracked with our MailTracker system. MailTracker is a helpful monitoring tool that allows you to follow the progress of your investment from beginning to end. Using intelligent barcode technology, we can actively monitor the progression of your mailing as it moves through the many phases of delivery. By analyzing the raw data provided to us by the USPS, we are able to predict and confirm when your campaign reaches your prospects’ mailboxes.

Whether you’re starting a new business or growing your market share, CFS offers expertly crafted direct mail pieces that can take your business to the next level. CFS offers many options and strategies that allow our clients the flexibility to choose the perfect solution that best suits their business goals while accommodating a wide range of budgets. Stop in or contact us today to discuss the direct mail program that will suit you best.

Tips for Creating Effective VDP Direct Mail Campaigns.

Make an impactful impression!

by Cathleen Drury

Have you ever received a direct mail piece with your name on it other than the address line? Did it feel as if the company was speaking directly to you? That’s how variable data printing (VDP) works. Highly effective and targeted campaigns are created to generate a greater interest compared to a generic postcard. Have you ever thought of incorporating VDP into your own direct mail campaigns? If so, check out the tips below:

Scrub Your Data – Variable data is seen as a “one-on-one” conversation, so make sure you have the cleanest data when sending out direct mail. You wouldn’t want someone to receive a mail piece with the incorrect name, you will end up doing more damage than good. When your data is clean, your recipients will feel as if you’re solely reaching out to them and will feel more compelled to continue reading.

Proof Read – As with any other marketing campaign, take the time to proof read. If you’re incorporating multiple areas of variable data, look over your sample to ensure the information needed in the mailing is being placed in its correct location.

Identify Default Options – If you’re missing a piece of information you’re using in your direct mail piece, such as first name, always have a default option. For example, if you’re sending out a letter and it should say “Hi {First Name}”, but you’re missing the recipient’s first name, with variable data, you can replace that statement with something like “Greetings”.

Don’t Overdo It – Too many variables can become too personal and overwhelm your readers. Variable data is a great way to catch someone’s attention, but when it’s overdone it can be a deal breaker. The last thing you want is your recipients becoming overwhelmed and throw away your mail piece before they could really take a look at what you’re offering.

Ramp Up Design and Creativity – Choose the appropriate variable data technique for your campaigns. With VDP, you have the option of changing images as well as text within each campaign. Take this opportunity to use different images for different target markets. You can do multiple campaigns in one mailing which ultimately saves you time and money.

Track Results – Your direct mail becomes much easier to track when variable data is included. You can use this information to segment coupon codes, phone numbers, and much more to see where your inbound leads are coming in. An additional way to track your mailings is segmenting your list by using AB testing. This allows you distribute different variables (such as landing pages, phone numbers, images, etc.) to determine which of the mailings has a greater impact on your recipients.

In conjunction with digital channels, direct mail is an effective way to get your brand, products, and services out to a wide variety of consumers. By using variable data in your next mailing, you’ll better target your prospects with text and images related to their interests. If you would like to incorporate variable data into your next direct mail campaign, contact us today!