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Meet the Team – Natalie

Meet Natalie, she is one of our Client Solutions Associates and her daily activities include processing and fulfilling client orders, assisting clients with questions, and processing newly received inventory. Let's get to know Natalie a little more! Do you have a favorite moment helping a client? A Holy Cross Family Ministries customer called to place an order for rosary beads because she had given hers away to someone who needed them more. She was also unable to pay the shipping costs due to all ... Read more

Advantages of Outsourcing your Fulfillment

If you are a growing company attempting to ship your own orders, but are limited by warehouse space or manpower, there is a perfect solution. Outsourcing fulfillment will not only make getting products to your clients more efficient, but it will free your time to focus on reaching your target audience and generating additional sales. Here are the top reasons for outsourcing your fulfillment: • Warehouse Space – One of the biggest challenges associated with a growing business is having enough space to ... Read more

Meet the Team – Paul B

Meet Paul – Paul has been a valuable member of our Operations team for over seven years. In addition to overseeing our receiving department and coordinating inventory management activities, Paul is a certified machine operator and CFS vehicle driver. If you've ever visited us in Norton, and were impressed with our building, he is one of the reasons why as he is a key contributor to maintaining our pristine facility. Want to get to know Paul a little better? Keep reading! Are you a morning ... Read more

Important Questions to Ask About Your In-house Fulfillment

Many businesses start out doing their own fulfillment because they believe it's cost-effective and easily done. All they need to do is store products,  process orders as they come in, pack up and ship them to the customer, right? Sounds simple enough, yes? But what happens when it becomes more of a burden than a cost-saving endeavor? Missed orders, delayed shipping, lost inventory, angry clients, and hungry competitors! Then what? Here are 5 questions to think about when doing in-house fulfillment. Does customer ... Read more