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Score a hole-in-one with product testing!

Score a hole-in-one with product testing! Fulfillment comes in an array of shapes and sizes – some are obvious, some are not. Our client tests new golf balls by mailing samples to their VIP clients. The mailings were not being sent out on time, resulting in delayed customer feedback. Click the 2 minute video below to see how CFS helped them increase feedback from their VIP customers. Did you miss our fourth video? Read more

5 Items to Include in your Print Marketing Strategy!

Although so much content has gone online, there will always be a place for printed materials as part of your overall marketing strategy. There are so many possible marketing items that it can be challenging to know which ones to include. Start with these five, and you’ll be well on your way to having a well-rounded print marketing strategy. Business Cards: They’ve served as tried-and-true marketing tools for ages, yet are definitely still in style. When you carry business cards with you, you’re ready to ... Read more

Summer Event Tips!

Planning an event is always a task, no matter the size. There’s a lot to think about, such as setting the right date and choosing a location. There is also a lot that can go wrong during this time. To make your next event as painless as possible, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you through the process. Promote early – Summer is a time when most people are planning for vacations, so don’t wait until the last minute ... Read more

How to Rock Event Fulfillment!

Stay Focused on Fundraising! Fulfillment comes in an array of shapes and sizes – some are obvious, some are not. Our client organizes a walk for over 35,000 participants to support hunger relief programs. The event became so popular, they outgrew their on-site storage facility. Watch the 2 minute video below to see how CFS helped them successfully pull off their event from start to finish. Did you miss our third video? Read more

Success with Signage!

Signage is an affordable and effective way to advertise your business when it is done correctly. If your signs can’t be seen or read, then they do you no good. When it comes to designing your signage, there are many factors you should consider. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan your next signage campaign. Keep it visible: Visibility is the most important aspect of signage. Your sign must be easy to see and read at a glance. ... Read more

Quick tips for Postcard Marketing!

Did you know that 54% of postcards are either read or scanned by recipients? That makes postcards an affordable way to get your name and brand out to prospects. Also, they are the most effective means for driving traffic to your website. We have created a few quick tips you should be aware of when it comes to your postcard marketing efforts. Plan your campaign ahead of time – Everything from the idea, the message, and your goals for the mailing. Use Eye-Catching images – ... Read more

Check out our creative fulfillment video!

Are you looking for a creative way to increase your sales? Fulfillment comes in an array of shapes and sizes - some are obvious, some are not. Our client developed a creative samples program to help her sales team close more sales, but the process was time consuming and inefficient. Click the 2 minute video below to see how CFS helped them create an efficient and cost effective fulfillment solution. Did you miss our second video? Read more

The Top 4 Spring Promo Products!

Spring has finally sprung! When the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, it is always a good sign of the seasons to come. Now is the perfect opportunity to look at promoting your business with these spring promo products. Here are the top 4 spring promo products: Umbrellas – Spring is the rainy season, as well as the start of the golf season, so giving an umbrella as a promotional item is always a great idea. Your brand will be at ... Read more

4 Tips for Building a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Direct Mail Marketing includes the use of many different forms of printed marketing materials including postcards, catalogs, brochures, and newsletters. These are then mailed directly to potential clients in order to introduce your business, boost interest, and ultimately, increase sales. Although sometimes viewed as old-fashioned, many prefer this tried and true method of marketing. With that said, many businesses do not understand just how much goes into building an effective direct mail campaign. Here are 4 tips for building a successful campaign. Understand ... Read more

Check out our cool fulfillment video!

Are you looking for a unique fulfillment solution? Fulfillment comes in an array of shapes and sizes - some are obvious, some are not. Here is our second example of that. Our client was looking for an efficient way to build and ship retail displays for a national wide campaign. That's when they turned to CFS. Click the 2 minute video below to see how CFS helped them improve their fulfillment process. Did you miss our first video? Read more
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